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"Zoe Benjamin’s work is not only healing damage I have incurred from years of injuries and illness, it is allowing me live a much better quality of life as I am in significantly less pain day to day.


As both of my conditions can manifest in almost endless ways, I am acutely aware of how I am touched. My Lyme has left me extremely sensitive to pain, and the years of Crohn’s has left many parts of my system in an ever changing states of inflammation and sensitivity. Every other massage therapist I tried invariably hurt another part of my body when trying to work on me. (For example, they couldn’t do anything substantial on my back without hurting my stomach.) Zoe’s empathy and compassion help her think outside the box and always find solutions to work around the complexities and interactions of my conditions. She has taught me how important massage and bodywork are to getting healthy as I did not come in a believer - just a desperate client. Now I can’t imagine continuing my journey towards health without the support she gives me, and my body.

I am generally very skeptical of health professionals of all kinds, but Zoe’s professionalism and extensive knowledge made me feel immediately comfortable putting myself in her hands. Her energy is calm and inviting, and she is particularly great at adjusting all parts of herself and her work based on her client’s needs.  Just as important, her passion for helping others comes through in everything she does." —Miriam Magid

"With my first session with Zoe, I immediately knew through her touch that she was skilled as her hands conveyed confidence and knowledge to me. I was able to relax and feel safe, knowing I was in ‘good hands’.  Zoe provides a therapeutic environment and brings integrity and a strong presence to her work. I always appreciated her being on time for appointments, as well as her listening skills. Zoe’s training and experience allows her to individualize client sessions according to need."-Diane P.

 "I have always felt such a strong comfort and safety with Zoe, and she is the first massage therapist I have ever felt comfortable giving explicit, in-the-moment feedback to about level of pressure, which part of my body to focus on and what needs more attention.  She not only responds well to this feedback, but she encourages it." -annoymous

"I have to let you know that I am still feeling the effects of the massage last week. The stretching was some kind of magic. I am so grateful." —Nina P.

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